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Our team is successful because we share similar ideals. We want to work hard. The thrill of a career in performance marketing comes from finding the winning combinations to achieve infinite scale. We are building a team comprised of likeminded people that tenaciously seek results. If that sounds like you and you qualify for an open position, get in touch!

Current Openings

SR. Display Media Buyer
Display media buyer with 5+ years experience and a proven track record.
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Master of Your Domain

At 36 Labs, we are spread out all over the US with everyone working remotely from home. We grant a generous home office setup and co-working allowance dedicated to making sure you have everything you need to be productive as a 36 Labs employee.

Working Together

Our work ethic is driven by results, not hours. We compensate employees based on performance – in other words, you eat what you kill. We expect overlap with the team for a good majority of each weekday, and being spread across multiple time zones means you should expect to be online at least 10-12 hours per day. We’re a small team operating at huge scale and high velocity. We are able to do the work of companies 10x our size through candid communication, accountability, and transparency. Our tools (Asana, Slack, CORE™, the phone) enable us to be effective, but are surely only a means to an end. It is the fact that everyone has accountability and pushes the team forward by communicating effectively that makes it happen.

See the World

We meet up in person no less than 3 times per year for 4-7 days, usually in a new city each time. This serves as a way to get to know each other on a different level that you just cannot appreciate online. There may be other travel associated with your role to be effective. In all cases, we cover your travel expenses from the minute you leave your home until you get back. You will have ample notice for each obligation, but you should expect to travel several weeks per year.

"Just Ask"

We continue to push the limits on an effective distributed remote work force and offer ways to best facilitate the needs of our employees. The perks we’re interested in offering are centered not only around maximizing your pay, but also intangibles such as time for family, hobbies, and travel. We feel these things offer a great ROI in a fresh and excited workforce.



The Senior Display Media Buyer role demands an analytical, detail-oriented self-starter who possesses strong ROI-focused performance marketing experience, unparalleled organization and the ability to handle many publishing partners and multi-million dollar budgets with confidence and maturity. You will be able to demonstrate a proven track record of achieving scale and profitability with a variety of products working with display networks.

In this position, you will control your own destiny. You will own every step of the marketing process from ad creation, to landing page optimization, to analytics and so on. As such, your compensation will be heavily tied to the results you deliver. While you will be expected to deliver on a mutually agreed upon baseline profitability, your upside is entirely uncapped.

  • 5+ years online performance marketing & ad ops experience, with a strong focus in display advertising
  • Personally responsible for managing performance based advertising budgets in excess of $250,000 per month
  • Extensive knowledge of display advertising – both web & mobile
  • Extensive use of Adwords and major ad exchanges like DoubleClick, AdX, AppNexus etc.
  • Highly analytical thinker with experience optimizing to common KPIs like conversion rates, CTR, ROI, etc.
  • Ability to think creatively to conceptualize display creatives and write catchy ad copy
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure, high-stress environment
  • Capable of working remotely with little supervision
  • An excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills
  • Have 2 or more relevant references

Candidates with strong potential will be contacted regarding next steps. The interview process will be a conjunction of phone interviews and in person meetups with key members of our team.